For a while now, I’ve been registered with a handful of temp agencies throughout the city.  At best, they have seemed enthusiastic to get me placement, but none have yet found me a cent worth’s of work.

On Wednesday, I received a call from the temp agency who, when I initially registered and tested, practically spun cartwheels that I was proficient on a computer and could type 90wpm.  If I was free Thursday morning, they sang over the phone, an opportunity awaited me.  Oh!  How longed to hear those words.  Fate would have it, I was indeed free Thursday morning!

I then received the assignment:

An ad company in Soho was having an important meeting and needed bodies to sit at the desks in their office and look busy.

As an expert on appearing busy in an office, I readily accepted the assignment, and showed up Thursday morning to be placed in front of a large-screen Mac, where I proceeded to be paid an hourly wage to check my email and write this blog.

Times are tough, but at least they keep us laughing.