On: Beginnings (Part I)

6 July, 2010

It’s funny how things* begin.

*things: ideas, relationships, jobs, regiments, friendships, passions, hobbies, living arrangements, solutions, paths, careers, programs, projects, ventures, enterprises, endeavors, moves, changes, etc, etc, etc.

There are some of these things that from the moment of their inception, we inherently invest a great deal of ourselves in, creating hopes and expectations, letting our imaginations carry us so far away that we lose sight of what is and isn’t. And then there is the inverse–happenings that we take casually in stride, going along for the ride wherever it may lead us, without thought or care to where these things have come from or where they’re going.

I find it fascinating and uncanny that the things we think we want can often wind up fading into oblivion, while the things that we think mean nothing to us often gain traction. Is this backwards-ness the universe’s idea of a lame joke?

Or is it nature’s way of teaching us that we never truly know what we want?

Look Ahead


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