TFF: the OTHER nyc marathon

5 May, 2010

Two-week Tribeca Film Festival recap:

  • reading
  • meeting
  • design class final
    • {applause, blushing}
  • party for “the two escobars”
    • {paul sorvino, johnny walker black label, resurfacing of old flame, bad diner food}
  • party with bobby deniro
    • {mistaken as iranian, subsequently pitched screenplay (sadly, not by bobby d)}
  • ditmas park bike ride
  • game night
    • {7-layer dip, baked brie, LIFE sucks, fireworks}
  • screenings x3
    • {remember smooching with one of the stars of one of the films.  am pleased with myself.}
  • advice session @ abilene
  • argentine drama @ soho house
  • crash IFC’s party
    • {become bff with actor richard schiff, old-flame sends ambiguous text, retro-glamor-shots}
  • get hit on by local bookstore owner in his 50s
    • {he thinks it’d be nice to hold me, i wonder why i keep attracting middle-aged guys instead of anyone in my own age-range}
  • see the same movie 2x in one day
    • {develop crush… on someone within my age range}
  • breakfast shift x2
  • watch incredibly depressing turkish film as it wins TFF
    • {thank hope davis for the tip… i think}
  • more TFF partying
    • {console filmmakers, laugh at dancers, friend’s gf tries to make out with me}
  • gal’s night out
    • {promenade sunset, yummy dinner, egg creams, flirting}
  • qt-silliness with beck til 3am
  • coney island
    • {bike down, trash-can painting on boardwalk, OD on unhealthy coney island grub}
  • discover my grandmother’s childhood home is now a trendy cafe
  • “creditors” @ bam is cancelled
    • {the hunt for mint juleps}
  • nolan ross montalbano’s baptism
    • {employ too many modes of transpo to get to nj, employ catering skills, 2.5 hr commute home}
  • drinking with the ogc kids in carroll gardens
  • sleepover with marm
  • syndicated tv insanity
  • sleep.
  • start all over again.

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