The Stuff Chick-Lit Dreams Are Made Of

18 May, 2009

Coming soon to the book-jacket of a best-seller near you, just in time for mindless summer reading:

After spending nearly ten years cutting her teeth in the fast-paced, unapologetic world of the indie film scene, a passionate and motivated woman in her late-20s is hit hard by the crumbling economy.  Trying to get by on short freelance stints here and there hardly quells her creative hunger or balances the checkbook.  Desperate for money and activity, she lands a job at a quaint bakery in her charming Brooklyn neighborhood, serving cookies, cakes and coffee to her neighbors with dispensable incomes.  One day, the jangle of the bell on the door brings in a dashing, sympathetic man with more than just sweet-tooth.  Ultimately, working at the bakery teaches her that there’s more to life than Hollywood, there’s more to living than expense accounts, and there’s more to love than romantic comedies.

My life has recently taken a turn for the flighty and frivolous world of fructose (although I’m still waiting for the dashing sweet-toothed stranger).  Not high drama, I’ll give you that, but I’m fairly sure that I can sell the rights to the Lifetime Movie Network.  I’ll call it Sugar, or maybe Cookie, and it will be light and predictable and charming and flowery and filled with a few unconvincing passionate kisses here and there. Kind of the exact opposite of real life.


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